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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

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with all this talk about arcs...I have to ask, besides the dominion war, what were the big arcs on DS9? on TNG? Why was voyager supposed to have these arcs when the other shows didn't?
TNG was just as bad as Voyager.

But TNG's job was to be better than TOS.

Voyagers job was to be better than TNG.
that doesn't answer my question at all
Yes it does.

Just not in a way that makes you happy.

Okay, so I didn't want to write half a page about the most obvious story arcs for DS9, which wouldn't make any sense if you haven't seen DS9, and shouldn't have to be asked if you have seen DS9.

Bashir... Wide eyed optimist frontier medicine goofy for the girl with spots... Hates O'Brien... Optimism beat down by listening to Garrak's lies at their daily lunches... Whoring it about like a slut... Lyta the dabo girl/girlfriend... Best friends with O'Brien, darts, the Alamo, fighting jerry across the channel... Genetically modified superman... More powerful than god (Arrogant doctor not magic super powers.).. Replaced by a changeling for 1/4 of a season... Section 32 operative... Lonely and bitter... Makes headway with another spotty girl... "Miles I love Ezri, but I like you better." ...Lives happily ever after as grizzled BMOC after everyone with shoulders wanders off.

The end.

Compare that to Kim.

Wide eyed optimist gerbil fool... Gains weight... The end.

TNG didn't need arcs because TNG wasn't expected to have arcs because it was made by the same people who made TOS for the first couple years.

That's why TNG gets a free pass. It's old.

Voyager was made at the same time as a couple other shows like DS9, Xena, Buffy and Babylon 5 which were using arcs and soap opera paradigm where stories just continued week to week, DS9 didn't start this till season three, but because DS9 did start 2 years earlier using the TNG adventure/reset model, it seems like Voyager was taking a step back because it was interested in a stupider audience who wanted simpler stories that only took 42 minutes to tell and you could miss a month and come back without being confused.
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