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Re: Second try finishing STID...better this time around.

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For example, people praise the Ten Forward lighting. However, the DP really didn't approach it like one would expect in film but the same way the[y] did on the show--he just threw more money at it.
John A. Alonzo certainly did NOT light Generations the same way they did the TV show, as the Ten Forward scene illustrates. I'm sure there were some holdovers from the set lighting for TV since all the catwalks and rigging were already in place, but the movie looks nothing like the TV show in terms of lighting design.
In the Generations commentary, it is stated that the production of All Good Things and Generations took place simultaneously. That explains why Generations plays out like an episode. The lighting in Generations is not TV, IS interesting, but now that I think about it, is probably done that way to distract us from the TV style writing and acting.
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