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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

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DS9 did the same stuff too, for all of Sisko's talk about "Saving the dream!" in Far Beyond the Stars he then goes and destroys the dream himself in "Pale Moonlight" and his character does not change at all.
Sisko changes big time over the course of the show.

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For everything that happened to O'Brien in "Hard Time" he's okay by the next episode.
You definitely have a point here, "Hard Time" is a brilliant episode but the fact that it was completely forgotten about really hurts it.

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Bashir finally realizes how arrogant he is in "The Quickening" and then he's back to normal in the next episode.
Bashir wasn't "back to normal" at all, there's a definite change in him for the rest of the series.
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DS9 "dropped the ball" as much as Voyager did, it had SOME character moments but it flopped just as much.
DS9 had a hell of a lot more then "SOME" character moments. Nog went from a punk kid to a veteran of war(with several stops in between) over the course of the series and he wasn't even a main character. DS9 even managed in one episode to give Morn more character development then any recurring character on VOY

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DS9 had a more workable premise than Voyager as well.
I'm not entirely convinced that DS9 had a more workable premise then VOY, the difference is that DS9 BUILT on the original premise whereas VOY actively fought against its own premise,

Anwar wrote: View Post
As for the "Year of Hell" thing, Kes ended up leaving the ship meaning that the entire timelines thing she experienced never would've happened. That episode more or less retconned itself out of existence when she left, explaining why no one remembers the Krenim.
That is the way time travel works in Back to the future not in Star Trek, if it did then old Harry wouldn't have been able to save Voyager in "Timeless" and Old Janeway wouldn't have been able to send Voyager home in Endgame.

When compared to DS9 there is a big lack of continuity and serialization on VOY. Most episodes of VOY add nothing to the overall tapestry of the series. On DS9 most episodes add SOMETHING to the overall tapestry of the show even if it is just Nog learning how to read.
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