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Re: Biggest "Tear-Jerker" Moments in Trek

Oh my god SO. MANY. THINGS.
I cry at EVERYTHING. Everything that's been said so far, cried at all them. Even the pic someone posted on page 2 - I cried seeing that photo

Other bits:
1) the whole of What You Leave Behind I've only seen once and sobbed the whole way through specifically the final hug between Julian and Miles where they couldn't even say anything, Odo putting on that tux (I'm tearing up now you see what I'm like????)
2) When Sisko sings The Best Is Yet To Come... Oh my god
3) 'Our babies would've been so beautiful...'
4) The end of every film (EVERY ONE)
6) Riker and Troi's wedding
7) Worf and Jadzia's wedding
8) When the prophets turned up when Sisko was all happy and they were all like 'you can't have her and you can't be happy with her in this house you've worked so hard for on Bajor that you love so much'
There's more that I can't remember right now
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