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Re: You know what would've made "Yesterday's Enterprise" better than i

Well, there IS that one line of dialogue at the end:

"Federation ship Enterprise: surrender and prepare to be boarded."

Spoken by a Klingon on one of the two remaining ships. I always thought it would be cool if just the VOICE would have been Worf; however I agree that the story flow would have been interrupted by everyone going "Hey, that's WORF!" where they ought to be immersed in the plight of the about-to-be destroyed Enterprise-D.

What *I* would have liked is that JUST before the shot of the E-C entering the rift, that last shot of the BoPs blasting away would result in the E-D exploding - LaForge had announced a warp core breach about that long beforehand, and I'd have liked to see that happen.

In my fantasy storyboards of a CGI re-do of that battle to the same soundtrack and dialogue mix, the E-D would be featured exploding in the background as the E-C entered the rift, with the audience seeing the explosion "over the shoulder" of the E-C as she advanced into the anomaly. The things we could've seen if CGI were twenty years more advanced..

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Oh, I like that Trek thing too...
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