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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

Dixie Flatline wrote: View Post
No, you did great! Maith an buachaill/cailín!
That comes from playing (and occasionally singing) in a Irish Folk band for years If I ever get to Ireland I'll bring my favourite recorder: I'm told you have awesome jam sessions in your pubs. (Had one in Wales, 2 years ago - most fun I've ever had!)

Xip wrote: View Post
I always smile at the accents up north, especially older people from Groningen, they put 'yes' at the end of every sentence and speak a lot slower. ^^
LOL I really must go to Groningen, occasionally
What amuses me most is the Dutch habit if putting a diminuitiv "-je" at the end of almost every noun. I always ROTF when people call me "meisje" - I'm close to 50
A few years ago I spent a few days in Belgium, in Leopoldsburg, to attend a concert of Jim Byrnes and the Soujourners. (It was totally cool! We shared the same tiny hotel). Their dialect is a bit harder to understand than standard Dutch but I managed to do a shopping expedition without having to use a dictionary
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