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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

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DS9 did the same stuff too, for all of Sisko's talk about "Saving the dream!" in Far Beyond the Stars he then goes and destroys the dream himself in "Pale Moonlight" and his character does not change at all.

For everything that happened to O'Brien in "Hard Time" he's okay by the next episode.

Bashir finally realizes how arrogant he is in "The Quickening" and then he's back to normal in the next episode.

DS9 "dropped the ball" as much as Voyager did, it had SOME character moments but it flopped just as much.

DS9 had a more workable premise than Voyager as well.

As for the "Year of Hell" thing, Kes ended up leaving the ship meaning that the entire timelines thing she experienced never would've happened. That episode more or less retconned itself out of existence when she left, explaining why no one remembers the Krenim.
yep, exactly. Obrien lived a lifetime in an alien prison, starving and believing he killed someone, next episode he's fine.
Garak tortured Odo, but they never talk about that again
Worf disobeyed orders durring a mission to save his wife, no mention of that agin
and what did happen to all those tribbles on the promenade?
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