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Re: Is the USS Vengeance more powerful than the Enterprise E?

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same would apply here, quantum torpedoes would probably one shot the vengance.
I do not understand the facination about quantum torpedoes. They are fired the same way, it tracks and travels at a sub-light speed no different to that of a photon torpedo from the TMP era, which can easily be shot/intercepted by even something as old as the USS Kelvin before it can do any damage.

A borg cube cannot even one-shot a Miranda or Excelsior class ship which are a fraction of the size and power of the Vengeance, what chance will the E-E and her standard vanilla issue weapons have?

100 years between 2 particular eras is not the same as 100 years between 2 eras of separate timelines, especially when the Vengeance is a product of an alternative collection of pre-requisite technology and put together by people who have different ideas to that of the prime time line.
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