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Re: Guy smiling in the background of sickbay *spoilers*

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So Kirk is dead, everyone is standing around his body in sickbay. McCoy goes over to his desk with the Tribble on it. Just behind McCoy there's a red shirt guy sitting up on the med bed looking in the direction of where Kirk's body is and he's smiling.

What's up with that. I find it really weird every time I see it. It's like that guy who photo bombed the crowd in San Francisco before a Starship smashed into it.

Did he hate Kirk? Or is he glad that a yellow shirt died this time instead of a red shirt.
It's hard to tell from this pic (click to enlarge), but it doesn't look like he's smiling to me:

Then again, the pretty nurse is holding his hand, so that may be why he might be smiling. Or Dr. McCoy just gave him his erectile dysfunction pills, so he's like Smilin' Bob.

Or he could be an ancestor of that guy in the background on the Enterprise-D bridge who cheered prematurely when they blew up the Duras sister's BoP, stealing Data's thunder.
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