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Re: Technological Stagnation

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The 1970s is an odd cut off since we now have fuel injection instead of carburetors, computer-controlled systems to increase efficiency (incorporating by reference the massive advances in computer technology since the 1970s), etc. Automobile technology today is about as different from 1970 as 1970 was to 1930.
"Different". An interesting choice of words. Meant to obscure the fact that the incremental/limited changes you mentioned did not bring any substantial advancement
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Not due to the cosmetic approach used by Jobs, though. This was a marketing move - a very successful one. Technologically, it consisted of market-ready touch-screens and little else.
I'd like to point out an inconsistency in your approach here.

In the first quote, you dismiss technological changes as irrelevant because they didn't really affect the way we do things.

In the second, you dismiss changes in the way we do things as irrelevant because they didn't require significant technological changes, just a different application of existing technology.

Both are advancements. If you think one or the other kind of change is more important, that's fine; but if you think neither is important, than what, prey tell, would impress you?
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