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Re: "Iron Man 3" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Nick Ryder wrote:
Plus it was clear that the heat they generated was extremely extremely hot and more than enough to cut through an empty suit or even a worn suit without much effort. Hot knife through butter.
What isn't clear is why the Extremis agents' own body parts aren't similarly destroyed by all that heat.

Movie "logic", I guess...
It's comic book logic. They needed villains to be a huge threat to Iron Man. They actually made them less powerful than their comic book versions.

These were the Extremis powers from the comics:

Original Extremis

The original Extremis serum gives its user:

* Superhuman Strength: An Extremis subject's strength can be increased to superhuman levels, providing the user enough strength to toss cars and people with relative ease[5], break someone's skull with a single punch[6], counter Iron Man's superhuman physical blows[5], break Iron Man's bones with ease through the suit, rip the highly durable suit apart without effort[5], and even use the "blade" of a bulldozer as a blunt force object.[2]
* Superhuman Speed: An Extremis subject can move and run at incredible speeds up to 300mph,[5], although it is unknown if this is the top speed an Extremis subject can move at.
* Superhuman Stamina: The nanobots provided Mallen with almost unlimited stamina, with no need to eat, drink or breathe air.[5]
* Superhuman Durability: Extremis-enhanced beings have greater resistance to physical injury than an ordinary human. They are able to withstand bullet impacts and direct fire of Repulsor Blasts without feeling pain, at a potency higher than which a Repulsor Blast needs to have to cut through metal, only suffering minor wounds.[5] Iron Man's uni-beam only caused Mallen great discomfort without injury.[7]
* Fire-Breathing: At the user's discretion, his/her lungs fill with fire plasma which he/she can exhale through his/her mouth. Mallen torched a lobby full of people through this method.[6]
* Claw-like pincers: An Extremis subject can unsheathe stings from his/her fingertips. They are very durable, and in conjunction with super-strength, they can be used by the Extremis subject to claw through a converter box.[5]
* Electrical discharge: Extremis-enhanced beings are able to discharge extremely powerful electrical currents through his/her hands which seemed to emanate from his chest through his arms.[5]
* Healing Factor: Extremis-enhaced beings can also heal wounds at a incredible speed, in a matter of hours.[7]
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