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Re: Guy smiling in the background of sickbay *spoilers*

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So Kirk is dead, everyone is standing around his body in sickbay. McCoy goes over to his desk with the Tribble on it. Just behind McCoy there's a red shirt guy sitting up on the med bed looking in the direction of where Kirk's body is and he's smiling.

What's up with that. I find it really weird every time I see it. It's like that guy who photo bombed the crowd in San Francisco before a Starship smashed into it.

Did he hate Kirk? Or is he glad that a yellow shirt died this time instead of a red shirt.
That would be my guess. He's the Abramsverse version of Ensign Ricky, the Redshirt who shares a scene with Kirk, but it is in fact Kirk who dies.

Or maybe he's just so pumped up on space morphine?
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