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Re: Actors who would have made great Star Trek aliens

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Ron Perlman as a Klingon.
Ron Perlman rocks.

Jason Isaacs, recently mentioned in the other thread, would make a fine Romulan commander.

Vincent Price would've made a memorable TOS Klingon.

Perlman would have made a great Jem'Hadar/Hirogen too. Ditto Clancy Brown and the late Michael Clarke Duncan.

Vulcans/Romulans - Morena Baccarin, a young Geena Davis, Michael Wincott (fantastic voice). Contemporary James Spader could be a great snarky Vulcan.

Vorta/Ferengi - Alan Cumming, Steve Buscemi, Paul Giamatti (he'd also make an interesting Klingon. Or Neelix).

Cardassians - Chris Eccleston, Tom Hiddleston, William Fincher.
I am definitely on board for a Cardassian Tom Hiddleston.
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