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Re: 50th Is "The Day Of The Doctor" (And Is 75 Minutes)

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I expect the BBC to start hyping the hell out of this towards the end of this month or even start of November and that will do the job.
Exactly. The BBC as has already been said don't advertise massively 'till a few weeks before broadcast of a new series or one off episode in this case. We all know when it's airing, so I don't get why there seems to be such unrest over it.
Fan entitlement, that perpetual bane of Doctor Who fandom.

There's unrest because two trailers have been shown, in San Diego and Edinburgh, months ago, and because Steven Moffat has said dark and menacing things about what will happen if camera phone copies leak. A select few got to see something that no one else did. For many people, that's fine. For some, it's not okay at all. It wasn't okay at the time, and it's not okay the longer it goes on. Plus, the longer it goes on, more people who were originally fine with the fact that the trailers were limited and exclusive cease to be okay with it.

Do I think the general public in the UK cares? No. I'm not even sure the general public in the UK knows that there were trailers for "The Day of the Doctor" in San Diego and Edinburgh.

It's the little bubble of Who fandom that knows. And cares. And is agitated about it.

It's been interesting to observe. The psychology of this is fascinating. Speaking as someone who works in marketing, I totally get the BBC's marketing approach -- it's all about hammering in November 23rd to the Not-We audience and getting them excited, and you don't do that four months out for a television show. Contrary to what I posted yesterday afternoon, I don't think the BBC is deliberately trolling Doctor Who fandom. If there's trolling, it's unintentional because the BBC knows that the fans will be there irregardless, but with fan expectations as high as they are, they risk a serious backlash in November from some quarters, a backlash that has the potential to blindside them.
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