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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

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So how would one design the shuttle handling arrangement on the Miranda/reliant without imposing changes on the basic arrangement of the extended saucer section? It seems two rectangular doors on either side of impulse engine makes sense.
I think the first question should be whether the Miranda Class needs shuttlecraft storage in the first place and whether shuttlecraft are truly a part of its "work description".

I had always felt that the two shuttlebay doors (compared to the Enterprise's) simply look like one too much. They can (and will) use transporter rooms instead.

And then we have the Constellation Class ships from the same era that appears to have plenty of shuttle and cargo space.

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You could say it is a modular space adaptable to both shuttle and cargo use.
Yes, the DS9 pilot episode seems to suggest that, although it takes place in the 24th Century and large cargo containers may have gone out of fashion.

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It simply makes no sense that ships designed the way federation starships are designed could have had cargo space as a high priority.
Not necessarily a high priority, but we can't exclude the possibility that transporting cargo containers had a higher priority in the late 23rd Century than carrying shuttlecraft.

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