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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Blimey an eventful few days.

Feelings seem pretty mixed about McClaren amongst Derby fans , but much as I thought the way they got rid of Clough was pretty shabby I was pleased with the appointment, and not just down to nostalgia, he is a good coach. Was pretty scared for a while that it’d be Pullis!

Hopefully his halftime team talk, substitutions and tactical changes that turned a 1-4 hammering into a 4-4 draw will have reminded people of why Jim Smith bought him to Derby in the first place. (and he’d had nothing to do with initial team selection/tactics).

Like I say, I think Clough was badly treated, but I have to say some sort of change was needed, we’d become a little stagnant, and if nothing else I’m actually a little excited to be a Rams fan again right now.

Ps. Don’t put the Brian clough trophy anywhere too inaccessible, Jax, we’ll be wanting it back soon
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