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Re: USS Vengeance & Mass Destruction.

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Superman saved the human race from annihilation and was ready to come out in the open (hence Lois saying "welcome to the planet"). The Enterprise defeated Khan, Admiral Marcus was dead, and there is renewed optimism for the future. How did the heroes lose exactly?
So thousands of people die and this is our heroes winning?
If the alternative is millions dying in a war? Then I'd say yes.
Anything could be an 'if' though. If Khan escaped and continued his Eugenic War. If War with the Klingons started etc. Where do we draw the line? A whole planet was destroyed in the first movie. Just because Earth wasn't destroyed does it make it better? Khan's final goal in STID was to crash the ship and he was pretty successful at doing that. He won that round. Khan's final goal in TWOK was to destroy the Enterprise and her crew. He failed.
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