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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

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Miranda with two shuttle bays and no deflector dish could be designed as low end of the mix, meant to fill more pedestrian missions and produced in quantity to fill out numbers for the star fleet in case of war.
Welcome to the BBS, and although I read in another thread that you don't like the idea of starships performing mundane cargo transport duties, I can't help to remind that these openings at the stern of the Miranda Class look anything but shuttlebays compared to the visual design language of shuttlebays from the TOS Enterprise to the Voyager.

I think these are inserts (and exterior connect hardpoints above) for cargo containers, but by the 24th Century Sisko's Saratoga obviously uses this space for shuttlecraft (just as I use my garage to store bikes and junk but not what the garage had been originally designed for).

If star ship's shuttle function is secondary to its main design criteria, then one would expect the design language of the shuttle bay to adapt to the main design criteria of the ship, rather than the other way round, right?

If reliant is designed with an extended saucer section for a more important reason than to convenience the shuttle arrangement, the it is the shuttle handling arrangement that must change to adapt to the design of the extended saucer section, not the other way round. Right?

So how would one design the shuttle handling arrangement on the Miranda/reliant without imposing changes on the basic arrangement of the extended saucer section? It seems two rectangular doors on either side of impulse engine makes sense.

You could say it is a modular space adaptable to both shuttle and cargo use. I have no problem with that. But my view is anything built like either enterprise or reliant clearly weren't designed with maximizing cargo space in mind. A sphere or a cube provides much more useful volume for the same structural weight as the complicated and convoluted star ship shape with saucers and pylons. It simply makes no sense that ships designed the way federation starships are designed could have had cargo space as a high priority.
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