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Re: Which alien race did DS9 do the best episodes with?

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Don't forget the Changelings!
I don't feel that the Changelings were very well defined, outside of Odo. We got to see very little of Changeling society and culture, only dealing with their paranoia. And the best line about the Changeling experience was cut:

"I lived with the colony until my friends died, and their children died, and I got tired of watching people die. I lived 100 years as a tree, and then I migrated and lived as a cloud."
Oh yes, other species were better developed and defined. No doubt. But I liked the mystery about the changelings. I liked that they didn't give us too many details. The mystery is part of the intrigue about them for me. I liked the fear. I liked the wonder. I loved Odo and his self discovery. I loved to hate the Female Changeling (in the same way that I loved to hate Dukat and Winn). And I still didn't trust her at the end of the series. Her signature didn't convince me. I personally loved the paranoia too. I think it gave the series and edge.

Just thought the changelings were worth a mention here at least, especially if the Trill are on the list.
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