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By that time Worf should've gotten it instead of a random no one.
The creators of NEM conveniently ignored any development that Worf enjoyed on DS9. By that time, he should have still been an ambassador, but that was also swept under the rug....
In my head Worf is still the Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire, he just took some leave from his duties to attend the Riker-Troi wedding. He then thought for old time's sake he'd get back into uniform and give the E-E's Security Chief a break for a couple of weeks.

Once NEM ended, he said farewell to the E-E and returned to Qo'noS to resume his ambassadorial duties and hunting targs with Chancellor Martok. Doing it that way makes me feel much better about that one glaring plot hole--especially since his career in Starfleet has probably gone as far as it could (need I mention firing on an unidentified ship decloaking, sacrificing a key source of intelligence to save his wife).
Being honest, I never thought it made sense that the Federation would appoint him as Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire (and it wouldn't be a Starfleet matter, so Ross & Sisko wouldn't have the final say).

It would be like the UK appointing an adoptive son of Obama as British Ambassador to the USA. If that hypothetical son had previously played a key role in Obama's election campaign.
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