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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

Teacake... are you finally getting that sex change you always wanted?

Sophia would be so proud.

Red??? Not so much.

Here' yet more proof that there are people who DON'T agree with me re: OitNB.

I should have been warned by the tone in the first line... it SOUNDS like its going to be positive, then damns with faint praise and insults with sarcasm.

By the time I got to the last paragraph, I realized it was more than a matter of opinion... it was that the reviewer didn't actually watch the show.

With every character seemingly romantically involved with another...
Okay... are you trying to tell me that I missed the scene where Taystee and Poussey hooked up in the shower, or Flaca and Maritza made out in Spanish Harlem?

DON'T even try to tell me that Miss Claudette and Red were playing Mistress and cook's apprentice in the kitchen at night.

This one is more to my liking...

... I like #6... "Piper isn't in jail alone." Hell nope!


Is that a new puppy for season 2????

Jason Biggs supposedly cohosted"The View" this week. Can't find a clip yet, but here's a clip from 2 months ago re: his tweeting habits.">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">

Oh... they actually did get around to talking about OitNB and Barb asked him about masturbating.

Oops... you can watch Jason co-host at the ABC website for the next 6 days.

James Spader was the guest.
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