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The Organians seemed to get real mellowed out by the time Kirk and Kor battled over them in TOS: Errand of Mercy.

They didn't really seem to act like Organians to me. It felt more like the writers just grabbed a name at random without knowing anything about them. We never saw Ayelborne and his old college chums take over anyone's body.

And this was by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens, they have sole writing credit, and they should have known better since they're my age.
actually I see a lot of errand of mercy here.
for one thing we have to remember this is a first encounter with humans. we have more then a hundred years before kirk comes along at a start of the war. from errand of mercy we know there had been a previous group on organia. along with some odd findings from their report spock highly disagreed with.

sorta hints that the previous group had their findings hmm changed.. tampered with.

we don't know but something might have happened to make the organians leary of entering other bodies.

ps the organian who spent most of the time in travis reminded me a lot of ayelborne.
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