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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

Yes, Bill, we are aware that fans of the movie vote for it on websites and that you are one of these fans. Thank you for the reminder.

However, much as I love Rotten Tomatoes as a casual movie reviewing tool, I do not regard it as "proof" of anything and regard as suspect the judgment of someone who does. There's relatively little to be said about the future trajectory of a movie from the reviews and ratings published by audience or critics in the immediate wake of a movie's hype campaign. What's more telling is whether the movie has the innate strengths needed to maintain that reputation, and it is usually possible to tell this based on whether it's actually well crafted or not.

When it is not, the initial hype recedes and so does the movie's relevance. Hence the phenomenon of "forgotbusters". Godzilla, Congo, Rising Sun and Disclosure were all high-grossing and over-praised blockbusters of yore that almost nobody remembers today. (FWICT you can pretty much predict whether a movie you are currently defending will wind up on that particular slush-pile if all your defenses of it wind up having to boil down to "who cares about believability" and "just turn off your brain and have fun.")
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