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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

True, after Voyager and Nemesis wrapped up, trek tech was getting near unbelievable but that was the original point, with the whole warp thing. 100 years after Nemesis they could be exploring other galaxies from artificially made wormholes. With current made for TV graphics, we'll see a fancy ship do fancier things than previous shows and it will be even more unrestricted than the reboot. I can go on about it, but the thread for a 25th century series covers it. It wouldn't cost much more than TNG to do a show like that though. Fundamentally, it would be the same as the other series. The ship and the other ships, worlds, stations, and outposts visited.

One thing I liked about TNG was the "real" science they threw in their from time to time. With all the discoveries found and still being found post TV trek, I would like to see a "Through The Wormhole" level of intellect show. Doing something like that on a show in NuTrek's timeline would step on the toes of TNG and it's successors, and don't tell me they figured everything out because a Romulan came back in time.

And just for recognition, I caught that Frontier.

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