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Re: Dexter - The Final Season (Spoiler Discussion)

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I've been recording this season as it went but haven't had time to watch any until now, and I'm about to watch the first ep to see how that is for myself. Anyway, I've heard the finale is variations on 'polarising', but I'm more interested in the rest of the season. Without spoiling too much, how is it? I can take a bad ending if the rest is worth watching. Just need a couple posts worth of opinions.
The season actually started out fairly well, with the focus on Debra's downward spiral after the killing of LaGuerta, and Dexter's concern over his sister.

But gradually (without giving any spoilers), the writers kind of veered away from that storyline, and things just started to get more and more tedious and aimless as it went along.

I suppose if you put it out of your mind that this is the "final season", and just accept it as just another average season of Dexter, you might enjoy it. But I was not able to do that, and couldn't help but be incredibly disappointed with what we got.
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