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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Tangentially, a buddy of mine gave me the new Hot Wheels Excelsior as a birthday gift this week. I quickly searched through my collection of Trek models and toys, and the Furuta Voyager model (assuming 344 meters) comes out at roughly to scale with the Excelsior at 467 meters, or even outside-ish at 511 meters. Still, putting them side by side just shows off how big and voluminous the Intrepid class is compared to the Excelsior; Voyager's 150 crew must each have their own tennis court at that size...

Speaking of which, there is no TV-evidence statement of an Excelsior's crew compliment, do our local experts know how many non-canon estimations there have been? AFAIK the only ones I can think of are the FASA RPG crew count of 800 or so. A DS9 episode states that the USS Grissom had 1250 people aboard when she went down, and the TNG Encyclopedia states that she was an Excelsior class ship, though no onscreen evidence of this was ever seen. Any others?

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