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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

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there are some great multi-episode arcs:

  • "State of Flux
  • "Maneuvers
  • "Alliances
  • "Lifesigns
  • "Investigations
  • "Basics, Part I
  • "Basics, Part II
  • "Worst Case Scenario
  • "Shattered
The Pathfinder Project
  • "Pathfinder
  • "Life Line
  • "Inside Man
  • "Author, Author
I'd add Parallax and Prime Factors to the Seska arc and Message in a Bottle to the Pathfinder Project arc.

Time-travel episodes are also a rather significant part of Voyager's continuity and serialization, particularly the two-parters Future's End and Year of Hell, the Kes-centric episodes Before and After and Fury, the episodes Timeless and Relativity, and the finale Endgame.
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