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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

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There was hardly any continuity with voyager and here are some early examples where other shows would have followed up on plots

1)kes and neelix's breakup in warlord was not followed up on properly at all, i mean other than when she was being controlled by that guy we didn't even get to see her actually break up with him.

2)The swarm was another episode where the ending should have presented a change in the doctor because of his memory loss but if you had never seen the episode you wouldn't have been able to tell because it was never focused on again.

3)Janeway and tom have sex and had little lizard babies but nothing is ever mentioned of it again. You would expect a certain degree of awkwardness and maybe a debate over whether chakotay should have been allowed to leave their children on that planet without even consulting them.

Other example where they tried continuity but gave up were the kazon who got no resolution just because fans didn't like them.
Not resolving certain things or not revisiting certain things is not the same thing as a lack of continuity.

There are things that they seemingly abandon or that aren't resolved, but, when you look at the series as a whole, there is actually a continuity being established, albeit in a much different fashion than you see with a show such as DS9.

We can argue/debate about how well Voyager maintains and builds its continuity based on and in relation to its more episodic nature, but that's an entirely different argument/debate than the common perception that the series lacks any continuity at all.

I just listened to the Literary Treks podcast discussion/interview with Kirsten Beyer, and one of the reasons she's as successful as she has been in writing her Voyager novels is because she's been able to draw on an extensive knowledge and understanding of the series as it was aired, and if it were as devoid of continuity and serialization as is the common perception, the things that she does with the characters and the stories that she tells would not seem as organic and 'true' as they do.

I grew up watching TNG and DS9, but when you look at the post-series TNG novels, they have a much different 'feel' to them than the series itself because TNG was almost exclusively episodic. Things aren't so radically different that the post-series TNG novels don't read like the TNG that we're familiar with, but they do do things with the characters that, by and large, the series itself never did. You could pick up any one of the post-series TNG novels without ever having seen the show or any of its related movies and get a very clear and developing picture of the characters and the universe they inhabit, but the way the post-series Voyager novels, particularly Beyer's, are written, you do need at least a passing knowledge of the series and its characters, which again belies this perception that the series lacks continuity and serialization.
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