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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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Another clear cut would be fine. TNG was 100 years after TOS. The next show could be 100 years after TNG.

But I still can't imagine a valid reason for yet another show that's about a spaceship crew having some adventures every week.

As said before, the initial concept of Enterprise was the right one because it was actually different. First season set on Earth, and then NASA style exploration, with great limits, a small crew, a not fully functional ship, etc...

The end result was TNG dressing up as a prequel just because the characters were a bit more down to Earth.
Two issues that I can see with a 100+ year post TNG series:

1) By the time we got to Nemeis TNG era tech was already near unbelievable. Jump a century ahead and you'd have tech would baffle the suspension of disbelief.

2) Related to "1": cost. You'd have to justify the Federation's tech being stagnant for a century, unless you wanted to pump a lot of money into greenscreen effects for sets and every day activities.
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