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Re: My name is.....SORAN!

soran could have made kind of sense as:

-more intelligent/stronger than a human

-obsessed with family

-part of an escaped race in exile (due to the borg - El Aurians attacked by borg in 2265 in PT but Neros interference may have brought it forward pre STID 2259 - esp since his vessel was borgified thus maybe alerting the borg sooner)

-would possibly be around the age Cumberbatch is in 2259 (Generation Ent B opening takes place in 2293)

-BC is british and kind of looks/talks like a young Malcolm MacDowell

-responsible for killing Kirk (again)

-dresses in black jumpsuit

-ability to detect alternate realities/things arent be as they should could’ve been a fun thing for the story (see Guinan in Yesterdays Ent)
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