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Re: The Admirals character makes no sense whatsoever

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No, because I consider this one of the rudest things you can do to another poster on a message board. Just because someone else thinks it's funny doesn't mean that I do, and that's all I'm saying.
I just have to ask. Why do you think it's rude? It's not like other readers don't know that's not what you originally said. Your original post is still there for posterity.

Heck, the "fixed that for ya!" joke is almost a mainstay of internet forums. I don't see the harm when used unmaliciously.
Yea, when someone truncates your post to deliberately take it out of context (though, Sometimes it's an accident that it is taken out of context, when a poster merely meant to be succinct and only quoted the pertinent part) or changes it to deliberately try to take it out of context (I've never seen it, but, I'm sure it's happened), that's totally wrong and reason to be outraged.

But, the "I fixed it for you" joke or making a joke when some mis-spells something making their post say something else (The other day I spelled Jem, when I was referring to the character from The Empath, and someone made a joke about Jem being truly outrageous, and I laughed my head off) to me, it's all part of the fun of socializing on the internet.

So, for the record, anyone who wants to make a mis-spelling joke at my expense or an "I fixed it for you" joke, feel free, it makes me feel appreciated and part of the crowd
I'll see your internet trend and raise you another: Challenge Accepted!

I believe that Star Trek is too good-natured to have a stick in the mud. even Spock and Seven can crack the occasional joke (and it's usually funny).

Ironically though, I noticed C.E. omitted this part when quoting Sojourner:
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Heck, the "fixed that for ya!" joke is almost a mainstay of internet forums. I don't see the harm when used unmaliciously.
George Takei has newfound popularity because he (or his staff, whatever) has been great at staying on top of internet and forum trends on Facebook, and deservedly so. I'll leave it at that as I don't want things to get personal, but geeze C.E., lighten up and recognize that people are trying to laugh with, not at. Sulu, one of the more stoic men in all of Trek, can do forum humor, and if he can do it, anyone can. Forum humor is meant to make forums more enjoyable and less combative.
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