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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

oh wow, I never realized you can talk this long about certain sounds in different languages! I tried and I think I pronounce the Dutch L like a little behind my front teeth, it's not as far in front as in German. (I used liebe (german) and land (Dutch) to try) Now I'm thinking though I don't pronounce the English L right, because I do the same thing with my tongue pronouncing an English L. Oh well, this is fun!

And talking about how a few miles can make a huge difference, even in the Netherlands we have like a whole bunch of dialects and accents. I speak ABN (Algemeen beschaafd nederlands, the proper Dutch) because my parents are originally from the area where that's spoken the most. I never picked up the dialect from my home town for some reason. I particularly like the accents from Amsterdam and the Hague. Their fun, but down south they pronounce the g and ch sound different, a soft g they call it. It doesn't make the scratchy sound, it's kinda like the German G. I always smile at the accents up north, especially older people from Groningen, they put 'yes' at the end of every sentence and speak a lot slower. ^^
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