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Re: Phase II - Act One of "KITUMBA"

Gonna go ahead and deduce that this is at least in part directed toward me.

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..and he owes us absolutely no explanation...
No they don't.

They. Owe. No. One. Anything.
I never said they did. In fact, I'm one of the biggest supporters of this very idea when it comes to the fan films, most notably in the case of Starship Exeter whenever someone gets it in their heads to kvetch about how long it's taking them to finish "The Tressaurian Intersection."

That being said, I asked a simple question that could have easily been addressed but was instead blown WAY out of proportion by both sides.

Okay...about to be unladylike for just a min....

I feel that all fan production producers/actors show tremendous restraint on these type of forums. Like I've said before, were it I, doing something I enjoyed doing as a hobby…
And herein lies the rub. This is all a hobby. These productions - amazing though they may be - are hobbies. They are passion projects, vanity pieces, done for fun by the people who make them. And that's wonderful. It really is. Again, huge supporter of that.

Where the problem started for me here was that the work was not being properly credited and that the production was talking a big game about being as "professional" as possible.

I work in Hollywood on television shows and films. I'm well-versed in what constitutes "professional" behavior and "professional" content. To not credit Vic for having directed the episode that Phase II is now in the midst of releasing was intellectually dishonest to me and I didn't want to believe that they would try to stoop to that level, which is why I asked my question of them. I don't believe I'm entitled to anything. They could have easily given a hundred different answers that could have been fine but they skirted the issue all while talking about how "professional" they were going to be.

The word for that is hypocrisy.

If they were actually professionals about it, they would have realized that yeah, it sucks what went down with Vic but he did do the work that Phase II is benefiting from, so they should still credit him.
It just boggles my mind how blindingly obvious this is.

Then again, nobody in fan films seem to understand how credits and titles actually work, so it's not altogether surprising. But the point I'm making is they should have known better. If Vic is badmouthing Phase II to other productions and personnel, that's a whole other ball of wax. The issue I was raising was that a guy did some work for them and now they weren't going to credit him even though he did the work and they were using it.

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Oh and another thing...I'd credit or not credit whoever the hell I wanted, in any way shape or form I wanted. I'd credit Rudolph the mother f*****g Reindeer if I wanted to.
Good for you! The problem though then becomes "How do we take you seriously as a professional production if you don't credit the people who do the work for you?"

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Its cool doubleohfive, but I can totally understand why James is fed up with it, and why people sometimes get a little hot under the collar. Heck, I've been there myself, and it really is incredibly frustrating.

Guess that's just the internet for you.
I don't blame James for being fed up with the vitriol and hate. What I don't care for is the legitimate questions being ignored or dismissed as part of same and that's the feeling I got from both Alec and David previously. I don't doubt though that it can be quite taxing and unfair no matter the original intention.
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