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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

The producers might've wanted to create a series in Voyager that could be syndicated out of order, but the episodes that were being written and the stories that were being told do not, in the end, mesh with that idea even though things do by and large end up 'back in the box' after nearly every episode.

I have and will continue to view Voyager as being the Star Trek equivalent of a 'serialized procedural', where you have a series that IS episodic, but that still has a 'through-line' of serialization and serialized elements running through it.

IOW, people might talk about how Voyager doesn't have any continuity or serialization and that the producers designed it that way, but the reality of the situation is that there is in fact a 'proper' order in which to view the series, an order that is as follows:

Season 1
1x01/1x02: Caretaker
1x03: Parallax
1x04: Time and Again
1x05: Phage
1x06: The Cloud
1x07: Eye of the Needle
1x08: Ex Post Facto
1x09: Emanations
1x10: Prime Factors
1x11: State of Flux
1x12: Heroes and Demons
1x13: Cathexis
1x14: Faces
1x15: Jetrel
1x16: Learning Curve
1x17: Projections
1x18: Elogium
1x19: Twisted
1x20: The 37s

Season 2
2x01: Initiations
2x02: Non Sequitur
2x03: Paruition
2x04: Persistence of Vision
2x05: Tattoo
2x06: Cold Fire
2x07: Maneuvers
2x08: Resistance
2x09: Prototype
2x10: Death Wish
2x11: Alliances
2x12: Threshold
2x13: Meld
2x14: Dreadnought
2x15: Investigations
2x16: Lifesigns
2x17: Deadlock
2x18: Innocence
2x19: The Thaw
2x20: Tuvix
2x21: Resolutions
2x22: Basics, Part 1

Season 3
3x01: Basics, Part 2
3x02: Sacred Ground
3x03: False Profits
3x04: Flashback
3x05: The Chute
3x06: Remember
3x07: The Swarm
3x08: Future's End, Part 1
3x09: Future's End, Part 2
3x10: Warlord
3x11: The Q and the Gray
3x12: Macrocosm
3x13: Alter Ego
3x14: Fair Trade
3x15: Blood Fever
3x16: Coda
3x17: Unity
3x18: Rise
3x19: Darkling
3x20: Favorite Son
3x21: Before and After
3x22: Real Life
3x23: Distant Origins
3x24: Displaced
3x25: Worst Case Scenario
3x26: Scorpion, Part 1

Season 4
4x01: Scorpion, Part 2
4x02: The Gift
4x03: Nemesis
4x04: Day of Honor
4x05: Revulsion
4x06: The Raven
4x07: Scientific Method
4x08: Year of Hell, Part 1
4x09: Year of Hell, Part 2
4x10: Random Thoughts
4x11: Concerning Flight
4x12: Mortal Coil
4x13: Message in a Bottle
4x14: Waking Moments
4x15: Hunters
4x16: Prey
4x17: Retrospect
4x18: The Killing Game, Part1
4x19: The Killing Game, Part 2
4x20: Vis a Vis
4x21: The Omega Directive
4x22: Unforgettable
4x23: Living Witness
4x24: Demon
4x25: One
4x26: Hope and Fear

Season 5
5x01: Night
5x02: Drone
5x03: Extreme Risk
5x04: In the Flesh
5x05: Once Upon a Time
5x06: Nothing Human
5x07/: Timeless
5x08: Thirty Days
5x09: Infinite Regress
5x10: Counterpoint
5x11: Gravity
5x12: Latent Image
5x13: Bride of Chaotica!
5x14: The Fight
5x15: Bliss
5x16: The Disease
5x17/5x18: Dark Frontier
5x19: Course: Oblivion
5x20: Think Tank
5x21: Juggernaught
5x22: Someone to Watch Over Me
5x23: 11:59
5x24: Relativity
5x25: Warhead
5x26: Equinox, Part 1

Season 6
6x01: Equinox, Part 2
6x02: Survival Instinct
6x03: Barge of the Dead
6x04: Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy
6x05: Dragon's Teeth
6x06: Alice
6x07: Riddles
6x08: One Small Step
6x09: The Voyager Conspiracy
6x10: Pathfinder
6x11: Fair Haven
6x12: Tsunkatse
6x13: Blink of an Eye
6x14: Virtuoso
6x15: Collective
6x16: Memorial
6x17: Spirit Folk
6x18: Ashes to Ashes
6x19: Child's Play
6x20: Good Shepherd
6x21: Fury
6x22: Live Fast and Prosper
6x23: Life Line
6x24: Muse
6x25: The Haunting of Deck 12
6x26: Unimatrix Zero, Part 1

Season 7
7x01: Unimatrix Zero, Part 2
7x02: Imperfection
7x03: Drive
7x04: Critical Care
7x05: Repression
7x06: Inside Man
7x07/7x08: Flesh and Blood
7x09: Body and Soul
7x10: Nightingale
7x11: Shattered
7x12: Lineage
7x13: Repentance
7x14: Prophecy
7x15: The Void
7x16: Workforce, Part 1
7x17: Workforce, Part 2
7x18: Human Error
7x19: Q2
7x20: Author, Author
7x21: Friendship One
7x22: Natural Law
7x23: Homestead
7x24: Renaissance Man
7x25/7x26: Endgame
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