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Re: Phase II - Act One of "KITUMBA"

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..and he owes us absolutely no explanation...
No they don't.

They. Owe. No. One. Anything.

Okay...about to be unladylike for just a min....

I feel that all fan production producers/actors show tremendous restraint on these type of forums. Like I've said before, were it I, doing something I enjoyed doing as a hobby…would SURE AS HELL do it EXACTLY the way I wanted it to be done and I'd stay a million miles from ANY online forum because I’d end up stooping right down to their level and telling every one of those passive aggressive, stick up their ass, arm chair quarterbacks to go f**k themselves and the horse they rode in on. And if they could get up off of their big, pimpled asses for just a sec, they could stick their ''constructive" criticism in there as well. People are CONSTANTLY begging them to hurry up and put more episodes out...why the hell should they be in a HURRY?!?! a bunch of know-it-all-and-the-price-of-it blowhards can tell them what is wrong with the lighting, sound, acting, hair color, uniform color, the color/pattern of the blinking lights, the music, the effects, the editing, the size/shape/placement of lint on McCoy's friggin’ smock? Gee, I wonder why they'd be reluctant to release anything until they had pored over every single goddamned frame of the thing 1,000 times so they might, JUST MIGHT circumvent SOME of the whining and nitpicking wannabe’s, who don’t have the gumption to actually do this themselves, but have all the energy in the world to ENDLESSLY pick it the f**k apart. I will repeat something that has been said innumerable times on these forums - Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. And then, take a deep breath, step away from your computer (i.e. social life)…go outside and look at flowers or some shit. Life is short.
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