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Re: NuTrek references in the novels

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On the other hand, I recently gave Uhura a line of dialogue that, in retrospect, sounded more like Zoe Saldana than Nichelle Nichols. I went back and tweaked it while doing some final revisions.
Well, that's different, I think. How they look is open to interpretation, but how they behave strikes me as a more genuine variation between timelines, because the characters have had different life experiences.
Exactly. Their speech patterns are somewhat different and the actors put slightly different spins on the characters. Pegg's Scotty is arguably more comic than Doohan's, for example. NuChekov is more of a whiz-kid prodigy than the earlier version.The new Spock and Uhura have a whole different dynamic that informs their interactions, and so on.
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