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Problems with data recovery from a rw CD

Okay, so maybe somebody here knows how I can solve this little problem I'm having with data recovery from a rw CD.

Back in 2006 I used a re writable CD to store audio files and some other files (pictures). A week later the computer I used to do that crashed and the laptop I used gave an error when I tried to open the files on the CD. I considered the data lost, but today I found the disk and decided to try it one more time.

We tried this two computers. One runs linux ubunto, the other windows 7. In windows 7, the computer says the disk is empty, but somehow you get the option to erase the existing files on the CD. The Linux computer can find the audio files, and play them in a real crappy quality. It first said there were other files on it as well, the pictures, but later on they weren't detected anymore.

I really want to try and recover the pictures, I haven't seen them in years and I just really would like to have them. Does anyone know anything I can try to find them? I'll be very grateful!
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