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Re: Kirk To Gatt-"Where's The Hull Damage?" Gatt-"Major Hull Damage Ca

Maybe I'm remembering wrong, but, I don't remember seeing anyone actually pointing at Rotten Tomatoes numbers or the Box Office receipts to prove the movie has no flaws or to prove the movie was perfect. What I recall (And have done myself) is point at those numbers to prove that it is indeed only a tiny minority who hate the movie, especially when someone is so arrogant as to claim it's a blatant lie that it's only a small percentage who hate it, and they try to claim it's obviously near or over 50% of the Trek Fans who hate it. That's not being a "JJ Apologist", that's bringing up real facts that show the movie is well liked, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the "Cinematic Artistic Integrity" (or however else you want to phrase the artistic quality) of the movie, it only proves it's well liked (And that's all anyone has tried to prove with it, as far as I can remember), and not universally hated as some would like you to believe.
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