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I like you man, but that's not a fair assessment of what happened at all.
Lol I know, but it still irks me I just can't believe that a professional would say that, even if provoked. 'They' get to write movies because of a lot of factors, luck being a big one. And while their films have grossed a ton of money, I see the same maturity in their dialog that I do in the sentiment expressed in his comments.
Respectfully, what about the maturity expressed by fans?

Better question: What about the insane and egregious amount of hate the movie has gotten from these so-called "mature" fans?

I'm going to go ahead and respectfully disagree with you. Orci had every right to react the way he did given how those idiots on Twitter were treating him, and he even had the balls to apologize almost immediately afterward.

Conflating the scenario as "He gets to make movies because of a lot of factors including luck" is the easy way out. The fact is, he's a Hollywood screenwriter and we're not. We don't know what that job entails or what pressures and requirements he had to deal with to write the thing. To me, it's as easy as that.

I guess what I'm saying is there's constructive criticism like we all learned about in college and then there's internet vitriol. Had the criticisms against Orci been the former and he still reacted the way he did, I'd agree with you. But let's be honest here. What he was replying to was anything but constructing and entirely vitriolic by those "fans."

Better stated: If they can dish it out, they better be ready to take it. Being a Hollywood professional doesn't mean Orci's also a saint. Nor does being a fan necessarily equate to being suddenly impervious to being called out for their bad behavior.
I think we agree more than disagree on this. For me, the internet is full of nameless people, some 10 some 110 saying all kinds of nonsense. I know nothing about the people slamming him or the movie. We do know who he is, as much as we can. I like that he is a fan, and I'm sure he wants to make a crowd-pleasing entry into the Trek canon, but after 09 (which i really liked) I was hoping for a better film and certainly did not expect him to take criticism (even crazy unfair criticism) like a bratty 10 year old.

It just baffles me that he is surprised that ANYONE doesn't love love love this movie. I see this a lot with the JJ apologists. A disbelief that since the 'rotten tomatoes' poll shows the majority likes it, that there could be legitimate cinematic weakness inherent in it.

I saw the movie before it came out at the NY Press screening, and had to make up my mind with little outside influence, and I was torn. But ultimately, as much fun as it was, I found it structurally flawed, and the second half to be bordering on parody or theft. I was disappointed and even more-so after the writer says nah nah i get to write movies and you don't, lol.
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