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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Currently reading:
The Fall: The Crimson Shadow by Una McCormack
Gone for Soldiers by Jeff Shaara
The Illearth War: The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever #2 by Stephen R. Donaldson

Since my last post, I finished:
The Escape (VOY #2) by Dean Smith and Katherine Rasch
Devil In The Sky (DS9 #11) by Greg Cox and John Gregory Betancourt
Lord Foul's Bane: The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever #1 by Stephen R. Donaldson

The Escape was the first original VOY novel to be published. It does suffer from some of the usual teething troubles since it was written before the series actually premiered, but overall it was very enjoyable. I thought the characterization of Janeway, especially, was spot on.

I really liked Devil In The Sky - it was a great idea to have
. Odo had some great moments in this book, too. With a bit of tweaking this book would have been a great DS9 two-parter as long as it was done before the Dominion War.

I'm taking a short break from my marathon of older ST books to do a re-read of the Thomas Covenant books. The first and second trilogies, published in the late 70s and mid-80s respectively, are old favorites of mine and I've been following the final series since the first book was published in 2004. Now, the final book in the series is set to come out in October and I decided to re-read the whole saga one more time in preparation.
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