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Re: You know what would've made "Yesterday's Enterprise" better than i

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given that NONE of them would have existed had history not played out how it did. [...] I mean, remember, we'd all be different if just one other sperm or egg from our parents made us. If our parents even sneezed at the wrong moment another sperm would have fertilized the egg and poof - very different "you." Besides, didn't later Treks run small-universe syndrome into the ground?
The timeline was only changed 22 years in the episode's past...except for Wesley, nobody in the crew shown in the alternate timeline was so young that they wouldn't have been born yet.
Okay but would their lives have gone like they had? Sure their genes would be the same but their environments would have been very different. They would have had very different influences in life interacting with their genes, and the circumstances of their time would probably have found different people on the bridge of the Enterprize.

It's also pretty improbable that the E-D **in either timeline** would have just so happened to be there as the anomaly deposited the E-C into the future BTW. I mean, given all of time and space that the E-C could have shifted to, it's astounding that it showed up anywhere near anything at all (a starship, planet, a star), and especially improbable that it would appear to it's own successor starship, which in both timelines (prime and warring) just so happened to be at the same exact time/place.

I guess the more you think about it, the more improbable the whole scenario is, but at least it didn't include eeeeevil Captain Worf at the end! :P

For that, they should have done a Mirror Universe episode! ...Although there the Klingons would have been amiable explorers and the Terrans ill-tempered warriors!

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