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Re: Shinzon's motives

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Shinzon was mentally ill, after a life of terrible abuse. His want to destroy Earth and Picard, to drag Picard down and prove himself equal to them fits with paranoid behaviours.

I wonder if those who refuse to accept Shinzon's motives have any experience with the mentally ill?

See also: Hitler. The legend goes that a Jew beat him out of a place in art school, thus: attempted genocide. Yet nobody calls him unrealistic.
I'll call him a whiny-ass moron. Just because a character potentially has a moderately believable real world explanation, doesn't make them a good character. Especially since the movie couldn't be bothered to engage Shinzon as truly insane, so much as just generically destructive. If it had been less of a straight-up adventure with Shinzon as the Bad Man and more of a serious drama about what to do with this clearly damaged, but unfortunately powerful person, then maybe it would have been a slightly better movie.

Also, Hitler's story has a few more stops along the way than just 'failed artist -> attempted genocide'...
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