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VOY was plagued with good ideas and poor execution.

For a ship alone in the unknown, they don't seem to have problems with supplies or morale, and even after getting into phaser fights almost ever week they have surprising little battle damage to patch up. Their crossing the DQ should have been much more of a struggle.

Another thing they could've done differently, which would've made more sense and brought a lot more tension to the ship/crew would have been the Seska storyline. I never got why since she was revealed as a Cardassian she had to leave the ship (why? What could she possibly gain from staying behind with the Kazon?), it would have been much better for her to stay onboard, as a source of tension for the rest of the crew. Meanwhile, before the episode where she was uncovered Jonas should've been introduced, and been working in the shadows with the Kazon, and then frame Seska for it. They could have done so much more with Seska remaining on Voyager it would have been great fun to have watched--even if they did decide to kill her off later.
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