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Re: Why do the Xbox360 wired controllers have that removable USB adapt

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It's funny because the Xbox was the heaviest console ever and the least likely to be pulled off the shelf from a controller cord.
It was more that the X-Box controller cord was extra long (longer than the PS2 controller, presumably long enough to reach the average distance between a TV and a couch/chair) as to potentially be a tripping hazard for people crossing the room. I've got to say, this feature actually came in handy a few times for me.
Came in handy for me as well. I was able to mod that dongle so it had the Xbox connector and a standard usb port wired onto it like some two headed dragon. Pop a memory card into the controller and connect the controller to the PC. The computer would see the memory card as a standard usb storage device. You could grab an altered version of a Splinter Cell save game file and pop it on the memory card. That altered save file would cause a buffer overflow when you tried to load it in the game. The buffer overflow would then cause the Xbox to run executable code that would install a softmod that allowed you to ftp over custom dashboards, emulators, roms, xbmc etc.

That modded Xbox with xbmc was my media player for quite a while. In fact, I still have it in a box somewhere. The emulators and roms were also quite handy. I made a decent chunk of change charging 50 bucks a pop to mod and load software onto Xboxs. Thanks little dongle!
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