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Real world alternatives to Trek Tech?

This is sort of a thought exercise that i've been fuddling with over the last couple of weeks. Everyone can feel free to participate, post articles, what have you, on the subject.

The notion in question. When looking at the technology behind Star Trek, certain things have become a semi reality(Cell phones, laser beams), that were once just a strict piece of fiction, others have been shown to be scientifically unlike or highly improbably. (Warp drive, transporters).

So here's the question. What scientific articles or what pieces of tech have come into being that could actually, become something very like what we saw on Star Trek? Or, could even go one step beyond what Star Trek had envisioned?

I'll start with the Alcubierre drive.

Although there are still a great number of questions about it, and it's definitely not a sure thing, when I started reading about this it filled me with a sense of excitement, and genuine hope that a manned interstellar flight, and FTL at that, could actually occur within my life time. So awesome.
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