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BAD Writing .

IMO voyager was plagued with bad Writing, they had great ideas, but often by the end of the episode it was the easy way out.

Like when Janeway decided to go trough Borg space, I'm sorry but no one sane would do that, but she read the script and knew Kes would help them out. ......... because if Kes didn't have her 'evolution' they'd all be assimilated and dead.
... well that's my personal ending to voyager.
It's like when Tom Paris 'becomes' a rebel out of no where, and it's supposed to be believable, and he's just faking it for a secret mission. They should have done that episode way earlier like when the Maquis where still having difficulty adapting. I don't think anyone would have bought it in reality, not even the audience.
All this to say, and emphasize. Bad Writing.
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