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In all honesty, I like Nemesis. It and Generations are the two TNG movies I watch the most.

Yes, I am serious.
Right there with you. Of the four TNG movies, I enjoy Generations the most, then Nemesis, then Insurrection, and finally First Contact (which I think is the worst of all the Star Trek films).
I'm certainly not that harsh on First Contact, though I do think it's an overrated movie. Possibly the most overrated of all the Trek movies, but certainly not the worse Trek movie.

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though the ones that will be pissed off are the fans that want to act like 1981 was the paragon of Who and everything post-2005 sucks
Does anyone actually think 1981 was the paragon of Who? That's Tom Baker's final season, which sucked for the most part. Specifically, we're talking about Warriors' Gate, Keeper of Traken and Logopolis, none of which I think very highly anyway.

1973 was the paragon of Who.
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