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Re: Biggest "Tear-Jerker" Moments in Trek

I can't recall all the moments, but most of them have been mentioned.

Tapestry - TNG 6x15 When Picard gets stabbed, but it was a happy crying, because I was so happy Q gave the chance to Picard to re-live a defining moment of his life. How many times would you just love to go back and re-live parts of your life, and you can't. Well to be able to experience that, and without changing the timeline. ... Man, that's a unique gift.

Inner Light - TNG
The Visitor - DS9 (cried so much)
And the ending of DS9

My wife was really shaken when Jadzia died, she was ready to stop watching it ticked her so much.

Of course; the death of Spoke "You have been and I always shall be your friend"
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