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Agent Richard07
Re: How I Met Your Mother: The Final Season

Gary Mitchell wrote: View Post
Now that I've seen the mother I'm probably out. I used to love this show but it's getting less and less funny. I was going to stick it out to the end but I don't know.
You know, as much as I'm glad that we have the mother, it did knock some of the energy out of the show because now the mystery is gone.

Mr Light wrote: View Post
How long will Marshall be off with this lady before he unites with the cast?
I've been wondering the same thing. Sherri Shepherd is a host on The View and the new season has started so I'm guessing that her character won't be around for much longer.

Mr Light wrote: View Post
How much of the entire season is taking place in this hotel?
Pretty much the whole thing I'm guessing.

Mr Light wrote: View Post
How long until Ted meets Mother?
8 months? I don't think he'll meet her until the end.
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