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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

Christopher wrote: View Post
It does annoy me that Starfleet ships are designed in such a human-centric way (and typically-proportioned human at that) rather than accommodating the range of diverse body types that aliens would have.
I recall the little dossier on TMP's Rhaandarites that suggested that Billy Van Zandt's ensign character was "78 years young" (thus "Alien Boy" in the credits), and that mature Rhaandarites could be well over eight feet tall. Adult Rhaandarites probably wouldn't have a hope of serving on regular starships. It intrigued me in my fanfics in the 80s, and I recall you addressed adult Rhaandarite heights in your recent DTI novels.

Remember Security Officer Sterno, in PAD's ST comics, who couldn't even fit into a comic panel with his colleagues? I didn't even notice the way they drew him until about my fourth rereading.

I felt it was sympathetic to Keenser's frustrations being a small person in a world that wasn't designed with his needs in mind, while making it quite clear that he was just as worthy of respect as anyone else.
Me too.

I guess they could have given him an antigrav platform (like seen in TMP). I don't recall; was it just a regular box? A 12-pack of canned tomatoes?
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